What is the Suggestion System?

The Suggestion System offers complete and tested solutions for development and support of employee innovation, including:

  • reliable implementation process
  • ready-to-use information flow standard
  • terms and conditions of rewarding ideas
  • a functional database of ideas

Benefits of SystemSugestii.pl

• Generation of considerable savings thanks to enhanced processes.
• Effective involvement of employees in the change processes.
• Financial benefits for innovative employees.
How does SystemSugestii.pl work?
• Clear and successfully communicated rules of rewarding employees encourage them to suggest their ideas for introduction of improvements in the company.
• All ideas are registered and visible at every stage of implementation for all employees and managers.
• The functional Database of Ideas makes viewing of the progress in idea implementation, financial benefits for the company and employee bonuses much easier.
• Thanks to the clearly defined benefits for employees and transparency of the system, ideas are implemented, the company enjoys the benefits, while employees are rewarded.
Start to make money
1. Presentation of the system in your company.
2. Decision about implementation.
3. Implementation schedule arrangement.
4. Employee training.
5. Database start-up.
6. Implementation of employee ideas.
7. Payment of bonuses for employees.
8. Benefits for the company.
Tangible results of SystemSugestii.pl
Nearly 1,000 employees engaged
More than 350 ideas reported
Over PLN 3,000,000 of savings
For more information visit: www.systemsugestii.pl

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