What is Lean Enterprise?

Small and medium-sized companies must develop faster and have higher productivity and innovation levels in order to meet the growing demands of the competitive world market. In other words, earn more money and faster. A lot can be achieved by increasing expenditure and investing in innovation and development. Probably similar progress can be achieved by paying proper attention to the already existing company resources. Lean Enterprise is a comprehensive solution to all main company processes across the entire value flow stream. By using various combined techniques, such as Lean Manufacturing, Leadership and Teamwork, Six Sigma and tools, depending on the needs and current situation, defined by means of Lean Enterprise diagnostics offers radical changes and through that – tangible benefits. Known, big successes of Lean Enterprise philosophy implementation, such as doubled outputs achieved on the same area, finding 30% of free time in production, management or design processes, or 50% of unused production capacity of machines which a company invested in, are benefits that may sometimes be hard to believe if Lean actions are not taken. The basis for success of Lean Enterprise is the company’s management’s belief in advisability and effectiveness of the path chosen, Lean Enterprise and undertaking constant improvement.

SBC team