Terms and Conditions of Use


Guarantee of maximum personal data protection and guarantee of privacy of the Website users is of paramount importance to our company. Each of the users, by accepting the following terms and conditions and the Agreement concluded with the user expresses their consent to the use and disclosure of their data by our company. Regulations regarding personal data and privacy protection shall be an integral part of the agreement concluded with the user and lack of their acceptance shall be tantamount to resignation from using the services provided by the Website. The User shall, therefore, by the very fact of registration, express their consent to processing and making their personal data available to us in the subject scope correlating with the Website’s activity. The provisions of the privacy policy shall enter into force as of 1 January 2012 and shall apply without exception to every user using our services. Due to the fact that in individual countries legal provisions regulate personal data protection to a varying extent of accuracy and restraint, our company has implemented a security system, which shall protect against interference of unauthorized persons.


Every user shall have the right to review and update their personal data. Information collected by us in a file created for every user may be provided solely to competent institutions due to illegal use of services provided by our Website, for the purposes resolving potential disputes or problems, fulfillment of legal requirements, detection of errors, frauds and other signs of illegal acts. In exceptional situations, e.g. in the case of violation of personal rights, such as: scientific, artistic, inventive work, etc. data may be made available solely at a written request of the party which will document that their right has been illegally breached. The stock of data archived by our company and related to the functioning of the Website may therefore in some situations be used for evidential purposes. At the user’s request, we may remove the user’s data from the database. Refusal to remove the data can, however, be justified in the case when financial liabilities related to the status of the registered user have not been settled, there is a probability of illegal use of the Website or use that violates the terms and conditions of use, or in the case of a dispute between the person who submits such a request and a counterparty. At the same time, we represent and warrant that the personal data whose removal will be requested by a user shall be available only to authorized employees of our company. In the case of any doubts regarding data protection and user privacy protection principles, please refer your questions to us using the contact data provided. Our company shall neither provide nor rent personal data to other companies for their marketing purposes.


Minors, i.e. persons under the age of 18 (eighteen), cannot register and use the services provided by the Website.

Every Internet user shall have the right to view the Website, remaining anonymous, however, as of their registration they cease to be anonymous and the data provided by them become visible to other Website users. As of publication of a statement, a comment or an opinion on the Website or in the case of posting an opinion about other users, we shall, within the scope permitted by the law, collect such information and keep the information that are indispensable for proper provision of services. In order to improve the quality of the Website operation and increase the level of user satisfaction, our company may provide information, in an electronic form, of advertising, administrative and similar nature. Every User should remember that any and all contents posted by them on the Website without reservation of specific rights shall be available to other Users who may use the above-mentioned information to the extent stipulated in the Agreement between the User and provisions of law. Users shall have no right to send out messages unrelated to the regular functions of the Website, undesired messages (spam) or information which would violate provisions of the agreement concluded with the user. The Website shall not be responsible for disclosure of any data to unauthorized persons through dishonesty of users themselves resulting in the process of mutual data exchange.


Every registered person shall be responsible for protection of their name and access password.
For any and all actions taken with the use of the user name and access password of a given user, the user in question shall be solely responsible. We warn you against making such data available to third parties, which may result in unfavorable, to a given user, use of their personal data and entail legal consequences, e.g. violation of laws concerning intellectual property protection, failure to fulfill the provisions of the concluded agreement or even criminal acts. Should suspicion arise that an unauthorized person has access to a user’s account, it is recommended to immediately change the access password following the procedure specified on the Website.


Data shall be treated as a value which must be protected against loss or unauthorized access. In order to protect them, measures of procedural and technical nature are taken
based on various security techniques, allowing for maximum protection of privacy against unauthorized access of internal and external users. In the case of any doubts regarding user privacy protection principles or their personal data protection, please refer your questions to us using the contact data provided.


The Service Provider reserves the right to change the following provisions, at any moment, by notifying the User of this fact by e-mail and publishing a changed version of the Privacy Policy on the Website. Every amended version of the Privacy Policy shall regulate new registrations of the User, starting from the date of its publication. The amended Privacy Policy shall begin to bind the current Users after 30 (thirty) days, counting from the day of notification. In a situation in which a user does not agree to introduction of changes, it shall be tantamount to their resignation from using the services provided by our company.

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