Suggestion system

The Suggestion System is an Internet platform of good ideas. The Suggestion System is intended for companies that wish to continuously enhance their processes, effectively implementing ideas of their employees.

Everyone makes money here.

The Suggestion System offers complete and tested solutions for development and support of employee innovation, including:

  • Reliable implementation process
  • Ready-to-use information flow standard
  • Rules of rewarding the proposed ideas
  • Functional database of ideas

The Suggestion System web platform allows to

  • Register ideas for improvement of organization reported by employees
  • Clearly establish the responsibility for implementation of ideas
  • Easily calculate financial benefits for an organization and its employees
  • Monitor the status of idea implementation on an ongoing basis using the reporting tool and the system of automatic e-mail notification.

Our solutions have been tested in practice and brought more than 3 million zlotys of savings.

How to start making money?

It is enough to report your intention to join us and our specialist will visit you and present how to easily, as well as in a fast and effective manner, implement the tested approach in your organization.

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