Our Investments

We are pleased to present you companies that form the SBC group:


The offices and commercial premises for hire. We invite kindly to taking the advantage from our offer. The perfectly accessible location on the old market in Czeladź close to the domestic road 94 and with the rapid access to the domestic road 86. Our own parking lots.

For more details visit: www.rynek2.pl


Many years of experience, technical consulting service and professionalism of action ensure high quality of equipment produced by BEPIS S.A. The company recommends a wide range of various tanks intended for water, steam, compressed air or cooling systems, heating system elements for industrial buildings, ventilation and air-conditioning components. The company operates not only on the Polish market, but also on the EU markets.

For more details visit: www.bepis.pl

Vineum Sp. z o.o.

Vineum sells wines from large regions, however, always from carefully selected vineyards. We choose small places, visit them personally, buy only originally bottled wines at the place of production and only then can we recommend them to our customers. Our customers are mainly restaurateurs and persons who we meet and invite to confirm the correctness of our choices. For your joy.

For more details visit: www.vineum.pl


The Company offers advertising spaces and large-format printing, digital printing and offset printing. CBC also specializes in the high-quality printouts, letting in the individual way to decorate interiors of your offices, e.g. latex wallpapers, posters photos, pictures, foils, boards. Furthermore the Company offers the graphic full service (the constant service and individual orders), the creation of Corporate ID, logotypes, design of company documents, business cards, calendars, gadgets, marking of cloths and vehicles etc.

For more details visit: www.tcfbc.pl

The Spare Parts Management Company – TSPMC Sp. z o.o.

The company provides industrial vending solutions, a system that ensures constant access to indispensable materials in the right place and at the right time.

  1. Why are vending machines placed in production halls?
    Because they sell beverages, coffee and sweets…., but also because: an employer is obliged and needs to make certain materials and products available on an on-going basis. A machine works 24/7 and collection reports can be generated as needed. Machines can disperse personal protective equipment, machine spare parts, hygienic products, first aid kid products, as well as other materials (or tools, etc.). In this way, an employer does not have to deal with activities that do not create added value, yet are necessary for execution of the company’s processes.
  2. How does this change affect the company?
    Employees treat collecting materials from a vending machine as purchasing. Taking an item, such as a chocolate bar or a beverage, from a vending machine costs money, whereas release of an item from the warehouse is seen only as a duty. Employees use materials dispersed by a machine in an economical way, among others, due to their awareness that every time they collect an item it is recorded on their personal, secured account, which is contrary to an anonymous release of an object “onto the cabinet”. Actual prevention – lower accident risk, an important argument in the case of official controls, system and financial audits.
  3. Does it pay off?
    Depending on the selected variant, savings can be estimated and forecast at different levels. If there is only one employee who will substitute a machine in a given organization, given an average salary in the Polish industry, in the second year the machine will be fully depreciated. Not to mention the advantages of reduced material consumption (up to 30%), lower costs of financing the stock, as well as downtime, waiting time and administration cost reduction.
  4. Increase of productivity
    Consumption and cost reduction – put an end to squander and overuse. Better warehouse management – fast exchange of assortment and lower stock maintenance cost, visible slow-rotating materials, lack of downtime and emergency purchasing, reduction of warehouse and administration service time. Decentralized employee service in the workplace – elimination of downtime, unnecessary walking and material release time. Effective use of work time of management staff – who deals with issues important for the main process. Opportunity for reducing the number of orders and facilitating the work of the purchasing department. All-day availability at lower service costs. Easy re-introduction of tools, spare parts after regeneration.
  5. SPM offer:
    The company supplies vending machines, adapted to dispersing materials as required by customer specification, it provides machine service and financing of purchases as well as IT support. It supplies certified personal protective equipment for machines at a customer’s request. It supplies spare parts, as required by a customer’s needs, to fill their vending machines. It also provides machine filling service performed by its employee.
  6. SPM offer plus:
    The company provides outsourcing of spare parts for maintenance, together with taking over customer’s stock.

For more details visit: www.tspmc.com

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