How to get an investor?

The company’s development can be realized through the acquisition of an investor. How to effectively raise investor? This question can be answered by describing several stages of the investment process. First we need to analyze the potential of the company, taking into account the chances of obtaining capital.

Then identify a group of potential investors interested in the company and outline the timetable of the process. In the next stage should be developed for potential investors need handouts, presentation of the company and to determine their level of interest in order to create a short list of investors. In a further step, care should be taken to preserve the confidentiality agreement and make sure it is signed by the selected potential investors to which we send information memorandum, which are a source of accurate information on the company.

After this stage are negotiations with potential investors in the topic structure
and conditions of the transactions completed declaration of cooperation and / or signing a letter of intent. Accepted the offer are the basis for conducting due diligence, and as a result the desire to maintain an investment by a potential investor produced a draft investment agreement and the transaction is concluded.

SBC Team