How to find an Investor?

We can develop our business by finding an investor. How to successfully find an investor? We will answer this question by description of a few stages of the investment process. To begin with, the company’s potential should be analyzed, taking into account its chances for acquiring capital.
Next, a group of potential investors interested in the company should be defined and a schedule for the entire process should be outlined. The next stage involves development of necessary information materials, company presentation for potential investors, as well as establish their level of interest in order to shortlist the investors. This is followed by signing a confidentiality agreement
and making sure that it is signed by the chosen potential investors, who are then sent a memorandum, which will be the source of detailed information on the company.
After this stage, negotiations are conducted with potential investors on the structure
and conditions of transaction ended with a declaration of cooperation and/or signing a letter of intent. Acceptance of the offer is the basis for due diligence, as a result of which and upon confirming by a potential investor their intention to invest, a draft investment agreement is created and the transaction is concluded.

SBC team