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We are pleased to present you our offer of comprehensive accounting services – MojaKsięgowość

In the further part we present the scope of services provided by our Team, their schedule, experience and fees.

The range of tasks we offer reflects our understanding of your needs in the accounting area. We believe that by becoming familiar with your company’s situation as well as your plans we will be able to focus on the aspects that you are mainly interested in and optimal adaptation of services for your individual needs. Should you have any questions or comments regarding our offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why choose SBC and MojaKsięgowość

    We have the skills and experience which allow us to provide the best service for your order. This results from the fact that:

  • We have a team of qualified and experienced accountants at your disposal, who will be responsible for bookkeeping and preparation of reports,
  • We take care of our customers, recognizing their needs and adapting to them in a flexible manner,
  • We identify with the company and its goals,
  • We have access to state-of-the-art technology. We make the online service available to our clients, which allows them to get an insight into accounting records through the Internet.

The proposed scope of works and schedule:

Organization of the accounting system includes services related to commencement of operation:

  • Establishment and parameterization of accounts,
  • Entry of initial data to the system.

Accounting services:

  • authorization of accounting documents as part of preparation for introduction of data to the system,
  • bookkeeping of financial operations,
  • monthly reconciliation of accounts,
  • preparation of a monthly turnover statement, balances as well as profit and loss account,
  • preparation of monthly income tax declarations,
  • preparation of monthly VAT declarations,
  • preparation of reports to the Central Office of Statistics.

Services of closing a financial year include:

  • preparation of an annual balance sheet, profit and loss account as well as additional information for financial reports,
  • preparation of annual income tax declarations,
  • preparation of annual reports for the Central Office of Statistics,
  • reconciliation of balances as well as preparation of printed forms required under the Accounting Law.
    • Dedicated team

      All employees who provide bookkeeping services are a team of professional, competent persons, with many years of experience in the scope of bookkeeping and preparation of financial statements. They are able to adapt to new and often changeable conditions as well as constant development, thus, acquiring new skills, qualifications and action patterns.

      SBC guarantees high standard accounting and consulting services.

      Our fees

      Our experience shows that costs borne for our services are lower than costs of performing those activities by clients themselves. This regards mostly costs related to employment of employees and their training. Our fees are strictly related to the time spent on a client’s order, as well as seniority and experience required to execute a given order.


      Accounting services are provided only on the basis of a written agreement. Therefore this offer can solely be treated as trade information describing services rendered by our company. Contractual obligation will require signing separate agreements for performance of accounting services, as well as for provision of information, which will enable verification pursuant to the policy applicable in our company.

      SBC team