About us


To become a valued and recognizable business partner for our current and future clients, assisting them in their pursuit of perfection in management.


By sharing our knowledge, supported by experience and facts, we provide our clients with solutions that facilitate effective operation. Whether training a coach, working in the client’s team or executing assigned business processes, we always try to create additional value for our customers, thus, also building the value of our company. Employees working at SBC form an open community of people who are eager to share their knowledge with others.

Our values

Trust and partnership

We create work environment, in which place trust in one another. We rely on our colleagues, knowing that the tasks delegated to them will be implemented without a need to verify their work. We build the relations with our clients based on trust and partnership.

Quick response

We understand very well the dynamically changing economic conditions in which our clients operate, therefore we know that only fast and effective response to our clients’ needs can bring the best results.


We make sure all out efforts contribute to our reputation of a reliable partner, both within and outside the company. We must follow what we say and at the same time, meet the deadlines we undertake.

Constant pursuit of perfection and self-improvement

Constant pursuit of perfection and self-improvement are decisive factors in our own development and organization. Through learning and training activities we develop our skills, thus, facing all our customers’ needs.

SBC team